Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why is NOW the BEST TIME?

There are always opportunities in life. So many times do we read "Best time ever!", so let me explain why this is a FACT right now:

Shop or Host - during SAB (till 31 March 2015) our customers earn FREE products for every $60 they spend while shopping (before shipping and tax). All SAB products are exclusive and available ONLY
until 31 March, 2015.  Let me refresh your mind, click HERE to check out the SAB Catalogue.
  • When placing your order, keep in mind that you will also earn Host Dollars.
  • To maximize your benefits, ensure your order reaches at least $200, your "earnings" will be $35 Host Dollars PLUS THREE FREE SAB items.
  • The REAL DEAL here is that you can earn $90 Host Dollars for an order of $330, plus FIVE SAB items. 
  • Make use of Hostess Code: using the Hostess Code will allow customers to place online workshop orders and have them shipped to their home. So let me know if you want to be Hostess for my next workshop. Drum up some orders from your friends, set your goal based on the table below, and BANG, you are the winner of Host Dollars for this workshop.

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