Saturday, September 20, 2014

Making it all perfect for the wedding

I really enjoyed helping to make this day perfect for our couple.

It was decided that we need escort cards to help everyone find their tables and no seating plan poster, we made an Escort Card Curtain instead. Hanging from the ceiling, all name cards sorted by alphabet. It was an easy way for our guests to find their names and tables.

The table numbers were made using pictures of the bride and groom "at the age of" ... We used acrylic frames for the display.  Everyone loved these images of Barbara and Eric.

Each guest had his/her choice of menu, displayed at the plate, name tags ensured that no errors were made. The favours were the bride's favorite chocolates imported from Austria.

Here it the fully view of one of the tables ...

 Every couple needs a Card Box at their wedding - meet Mr & Mrs MacRae's card box.

 And in the end, all was good.  We had a perfect wedding day, all smiles, no tears, or hardly any...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like my post as proud "Mama of the Bride".
I am looking forward to read your comments. 
.... and if anyone needs help with wedding ensembles, I am ready for you!

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