Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Message from a Birdie

I made this card with sunshine and warmth in mind.
... and guess what: The sun is back. It is -13 Celsius, but I should not push my luck by asking for too much.

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  1. I'm following you from SC!! #302.

  2. Oh...this is so cute!! Love the birdhouse!! You left a comment on blog about the dates a few days ago and yes I took them off of there. I guess I just didn't care for it to be up there. lol I really have no reason. I also noticed you mentioned in your last post about doing card buffetts. How does that work for you? I'm thinking about trying this out. If you like you can email me at No big deal. I'm kinda curious about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy finding new stampers! Take care and stay warm.