Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome to Stampin with Christine on blog!

This is the day - I am starting to blog.  As I am doing this, I am sitting in my little craft room/house, the heater is running, outside temperature is +6 Celsius right now.  The sun is already peeking through the trees and we are looking forward to yet another beautiful fall day.


  1. Very nice stamping space! Looking forward to seeing your projects.

  2. Thanks Amelia. You are my FIRST poster. I am still trying to learn and set up my blog, but eventually it will all work well. You can find me on facebook: I have yet to find out how to set this up on the blog. Same for my homepage: Tomorrow I am going to continue my set up. Thanks for being the first visitor.

  3. What a fabulous space for a stamping studio not to mention a wonderful little area to just get away and think for a bit. I'm loving your little house in the woods.
    What a wonderful first entry for your start in the blogosphere. Hugs and blessings my friend.

  4. Jean, I am so excited to finally get a second comment on my blog. Yes, my little Stampin' Cabin is my sanctuary, although, right now it does require quite a it of hydro to keep heated. There might be renovations required in future, after I make my first $50K (ongoing joke between me and my husband)
    Hugs to you out in the west, Christine